Artist Roster

Dayelle & The SUBstance (Australia)

Dayelle & The Substance are a four-piece band that plays 100% LIVE drum n bass, jungle and bass music. Fitting with the Bitnormal theme of 'Live. Innovative. Electronic' they use a combination of electronic drums, bass, Kaossilator, keys, synth, flute and vocals. This project is new, but all the members in the band have a strong history in the music scene of Australasia, so expect much more from Dayelle & The SUBstance!

Releases: State of Emergency

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Rachel by the Stream (Australia)

Melbourne-based duo Rachel By The Stream deliver a high-energy, animated sound that draws from pop, reggae and dance to create something completely unique. Their fierce musical and technical prowess sees them meld the live and electronic through multi-instrumentation, on-the-fly looping, innovative sample triggers, and evocative vocals. A massive sound and a positive message gets the good vibes flowing as RBTS lead the way in feel-good electronica. The duo have performed at Glastonbury Music Festival, Rainbow Serpent, EarthFrequency and Maitreya.

Releases: Situation Positive I Crashland (single)

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Men Imitating Machines (Australia)

Men Imitating Machines take live drums, bass and visuals and turn them on their ear. Jarman and Matty play bass heavy beats, huge riffs and infectious electro vibes using a MIDI bass guitar and MIDI drums whilst simultaneously controlling a projection show with their instruments.

Releases: Easy Way Out I Crashland (single) I Thrustometer I The Five Thunders I The Second Thunder [Single] I Tough I Masters of Strut
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Durians (USA)

Durians are a live 3 piece multi-instrumental outfit who make innovative use of electronic instruments such as MIDI bass, theremin, hybrid drum triggers and electrified horns. Durians also conduct improvised collaborations with live guests and other electronic musicians when performing. Their sound has been described as electronic music on steroids, with dance-inducing break-beats and drum and bass among a psychedelic swirl of sonic delights. Keep an eye on this space as there is plenty to come from these guys!

Releases: Adrenochrome Gnome

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Code:Marla (UK)

Code: Marla is a collaborative electronic project led by musical mastermind, CJ Thorpe.
Code: Marla combines elements of live electronic music and organic bass tones with complex textures and harmonies. Sometimes a solo project, other times a modern electronic orchestra – Code: Marla is a constantly evolving entity.

Releases: Super Special attack EX Plus Alpha Hyper Arcade Remix Edition | Press X To Jason I Technical Difficulties I Super Special Attack 
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Constantines Wing (UK)

Constantine’s wing is an exploration into dark, deep, and ambient soundscapes. The laid back alter-ego of SubTric (noise maker behind WRISTS), Constantine’s Wing offers the perfect soundtrack to dark nights and moments of self-reflection.

Releases: Daybreak & Split

Ampro (Norway)

Ampro produces tracks ranging from Glitchhop through to Neurohop and more recently Jazz influenced synth sounds as he continues to define his own unique style. Ampro is also a professional musician and integrates bass and MIDI bass guitar into his compositions. He has gone onto release tracks through Upscale Recordings and The Night Owl Collective and continues to work with Bitnormal artists for remixes and collaborations. Keep an eye on this guy as he is destined for big things. 

Releases:  Neurosurgeon I Under Construction 

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HAPTIX (Germany)

HAPTIX play electronic bass music live by using innovative music technology such as motion controlled instruments and a whole host of other electronic gear. They fit well with the Bitnormal ethos of live innovation by not using backing tracks and are legendary for their raw live energy that includes use of lighting, visuals and costume for a truly kick arse performance!

Releases: Trigger My Senses Remixed I Ultraviolet EP 
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SubTric (UK)

SubTric is the electronic moniker of Chris 'Shep' Shepperson of WRISTS and Constantine's Wing. SubTric combines bass-heavy grooves, punishing beats, and a dark & twisted approach to electronic music. Outside of his primary projects, his solo work is focused on remixing and deconstructing the music of other artists. Expect things to get dirty. 

Releases: SubMix:Alpha I Low Self Esteem I ATM [Single] 

Christopher Laidler (Scotland)

Christopher Laidler is a producer and sound designer from Edinburgh, Scotland. His music takes influence from experimental, ambient, noise and jazz music made from a collection of lo-fi synths and homemade samples that blur the line between digital manipulation and organic acoustical noises.

Releases: This is a Test I Until Late 

Kade (UK)

KADE is a combination of two minds; that of Rysic Cygo and SubTric. Together they create improvised, electronic beatscapes using a laptop and bass guitar. Their live show is unique in that no song is performed the same twice and yet they lay down solid grooves with elements of introspection, feeding off the energy in the room and the vibe of the evening. The music is organic, dark & twisted with driving intensity and subtle complexity. 

Releases: Live at Stuck on a Name Studios I Aphotic Love Feel 

Patient Zero (Canada/UK)

Patient Zero is an international collaboration between Waatu (Canadian beat writer, MC & producer) and Shep (UK bass player and FX obsessive), bringing bass heavy beats, guest MC performances from around the world & grooves to die for. This is hip-hop blended with electronica at it’s finest. The Patient Zero Project remains a truly international entity, expanding on it’s global reach with each and every release. 

Releases: Scarecrow Tactics I Ballpoint Magician ft. Thinxx [Single] 

Rysic Cygo (UK)

Rysic Cygo emerged, embryonic and nubile from the mind of Ash West-Mullen around March 2008 during a phase of experimentation with new electronic sounds. RC’s siamese twin Mender always seemed to please their paternal creator more, with his rich and textured acoustic articles. This made RC sick with envy. His sounds were marred, twisted and raucous and yet, always tinged with the family trait of ambient introspection. He yearned to sound like the cool kids; 16 Bit, Skrillex and Magnetic Man but he was different. A hybrid. A bastard son. Forever the spawn of rock, IDM and breakbeat and never quite cool enough. After a 4 year birth squeeze Rysic Cygo evolved from a casual electro side-project into an entity of it’s own. Confident in his difference and aware of his roots. 
                                                               Releases: Dirty Texts from Deities I Robotico [Single] I Filth Beneath Bliss

Terrikon (UK)

Terrikon is improvised electronic music & design from the guitar end of Nottingham DIY punk bands Knife Cutter and The Wickets. Analogue beats and synth lines are programmed and visualised live without computers into abstract arrangements around a darkly danceable core. 
The Terrikon sound revolves around a mysterious 16×16 sequencer that doubles as both the music engine and the visual aesthetic of the Terrikon live show. Terrikon is an audio & visual force which is not to be missed. A real assault on the senses. 
Releases: Kalima From Tokorozawa [Single] I 563 [Single] I X [Single] I Duskersi [Single]

                                                               Itchy Nests [Single] I Sampler 1 
                                                                Check out Terrikon online: Official Website